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is brown spotting normal??

5 answers
I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I'm having brown spotting. It is barely any just one wipe and it is gone. All my levels are normal and nothing looks out of ordinary. Is this normal??

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It might be, but you should probably call your doctor, just in case.
i did call earlier today. all they said was come back in monday for another blood test to make sure my levels are still rising right. but i just had a blood test done tuesday. When i asked what it might be they just said old blood never did answer my qestion on if it was normal or not. 
it seems like every time i ask my doctor a question he changes the subject on me. 
At four weeks along, you're only two weeks past egg implantation. So, it is highly likely that it is just some old blood that is from the implantation. Keep an eye on it. Make sure the amount of spotting doesn't increase much, and make sure it doesn't turn into bright red blood. Generally, brown spotting is nothing to worry about. But, if it continues for a week or more, it could be a sign of a problem. For now, don't worry and just make note of any changes.
Also, if you aren't happy with your doctor, consider finding a new one. You have plenty of time to meet with other doctors to find one you really like and trust. If you aren't comfortable with the way your doctor treats you during pregnancy it will make labor and delivery a lot more stressful.

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