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Bryer has been bullied, how can I stop this?

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My son bryer has been begging me to not bring him to school and I sat him down and had a talk with him, he told me that somebody was pushing him in the cafeteria. I went to the princible and told him that bryer was being bullied and that he needs to do something. I thought everything would be fine but he punched him at recess, I want my son to do something back and not let that child beat up on him but I don't want bryer to think he can be mean and hurtful to other children.

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In my opinion, anyone who is being assaulted has the right to defend themselves, even if it's at school. Of course, your son would probably get in trouble at school, whether or not you punish him is your choice.In my experience (I was bullied a lot in high school) telling on bullies doesn't do much. The only time a school official will do more than tell the bully to stop is if they are caught in the act. And to be fair, you really can't punish someone for something you didn't see them do. One child's word against another's isn't reliable. I wouldn't give my son a time out just because my daughter said he hit her, you know?Have your son keep his distance from those who are picking on him and talk to his teacher(s) and principal again. Make them understand that your son is being bullied and that you won't allow your son to picked on. Tell them that you will go to the police if the school isn't willing to do anything. Your son has the right to a safe school environment and the police will step in if the school won't.
I have told my son to ignore him and not pay attention or to stand up for himself.   I really don't let my kids fight or be mean to other people, But I do not want my kids to be bullied so I would let them get by with standing up for themselves.

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