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bumps on the bottom of his feet?

5 answers
ok my son is 8 months and ive always saw them but never really thought anything of it until his chiroprator said something, she said she thinks its fine feels like soft tissue but should i ask his dr any of you know what this could be?

answers (5)

Can you describe what they look and feel like?
Caitlyn had weird bumps on her feet when she was like 6 months and I took her to the doctor and they gave me cream for it and it went away.
its a big bump kinda its not like on top of his skin just part of his foot, its soft its by the outside of his feet near his heal kinda, doesnt seem to bother him at all when he stands or anything. just feels like part of his skin anywhere else
Hmm. If it's not bothering him you can probably wait to bring it up at his next check-up. As long as it's not growing I wouldn't worry too much. But, there's no harm in calling his doctor about it if you're concerned.

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