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Burning, swollen, painful nipples. Any thoughts to ease the pain?

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I have been having burning, swollen nipples that shoots sharp pains into the breast tissue. It's very painful and uncomfortable. I am currently nursing my 6 month old and I know it's not a pregnancy thing. It's been going on about 3-4 weeks now and slowly getting more painful and lasting longer. The pains/burning happens anytime of the day wether I am nursing or not. I have seen the doctor; who says that it can be dry cracked nipples. Directed to use Lansanol cream, have but no improvement. Went into the doctor again a week ago and he prescribed a cream for potential thursh. That also hasn't made much of a difference either. Any thoughts to help ease teh pain or things to try to rid it??

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I used to take hot showers and let the water run on my breasts when they hurt like that. It usually means they are engorged and the warm water will allow the milk to drain out and ease the pain and swolleness.
Try warmed or chilled damp washcloth over skin.  Engorgement is usually in breast tissue, so just nipple pain is a different issue-reducing swelling should ease pain. Try an antiinflammatory- Tylenol safe just like during pregnancies.  Hope this helps...
I had that same problem with my first one.  I used the pads that are used so you don't "leak" and if they are warmed up by steam while you are taking a hot shower it helps ALOT.  The second one was the same but i used the pads alot sooner.  So easy too! Good Luck
Thing is that it's not engogement. I have had masititis twice and some troubles with engorement. If I do hot showers or place anything hot or cold on them it intenstifys the pain. It's a tricky thing that seems so simple. Thanks anyways ladies.
When all else failed I used vaseline, put a generous amount on then apply your nursing pads.
It's been 16 years but- I had a similar experience & nothing was helping.  My doula suggested I might have a systemic yeast infection, like candida, and told me to ask the MD for a drug whose name I do not remember but your MD will know!  My MD was reluctant to write the script telling me it wasn't going to work but I insisted.  Well, in one day it sarted working and within a few days all the pain was gone!  It was a totally different experience.
It could be recurrent yeast infections as a previous poster suggested. It might be that your baby has a bad latch now that she's teething too. I'd see a lactation consultant to see if there isn't something physical going on. :) 

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