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Buying Baby Things.

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I am about 17 weeks pregnant, and I have already started to buy the most basic things (bottles, diapers~ of all brands and sizes, wipes, travel items~ will be visiting family shortly after I give birth, etc.) But I am curious about what the main things should be. I have a lot of nutral things since I dont know the sex yet plus my husband and I are not sure exactly how many we are having. Twins run in my family and I want to be prepared for anything. Any ideas on what to be getting and what to wait on getting?

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If you have a baby shower you probably wont need to buy anything, but the big items yourself, like a crib and car seat.  I suggest holding off until after your shower so you don't have to return anything.
I agree with Milliesmom. Wait until after you shower to go too crazy buying stuff. If you aren't having one, I would wait until you know the sex of your baby. One thing I always tell new mommys is never forget to buy a thermometer, nail clippers, comb, and infant tylenol. Those are all things that often overlooked and you don't want to realize you don't have a thermometer, and tylenol at 3 am with a crying/sick baby in your arms.
Wait until you have a shower (if you are having one) and also like kaykaysmommy said a thermometer, if your baby is sick and the dr wants to know the temp this is vital. Things you may want to ask for or buy are a bouncy seat or swing, sometimes they are nice to have to set baby down so they can see while you are doing something else. My son loves his play mat/gym and it is made to fold up for storage or travel which is nice. If you are going to breastfeed I would look for nursing bras and pads for your bra. If you are going to bottle feed figure out what bottles you want.
Don't buy more then 1 pack of newborn diapers. (babies grow fast!) I wouldn't buy multiples of anything until you know if you are having twins but at 17 weeks I suspect you have been to the doctor multiple times and the doctor has listened to a heartbeat and heard only 1. if you are having a shower you will get TONS of clothes in the smellest sizes. people love to shop for adorable baby clothes!! I would make sure you have  a car seat as you will need it to bring baby home from hospital! if you are breastfeeding make sure you have some vitamin D drops for baby. Tylenol, thermometer, brush comb. if you are having a baby shower I would wait for anything else. you will likely get lots then. if you are not having a shower. If you can I would say see if you can borrow a swing or bouncy seat. my first HATED his bouncy seat so it was never used whereas my second loved his bouncy seat but hated the swing. each baby is different!Also you might like to have a bottle of gripe water or ovol, (dunno what brand names would be for you but stuff that helps baby with gas problems)If you are planning on bottle feeding I would not go crazy buying all one type of bottle as some babies are fussy and only like certain types, so buy a bottle or two of a couple different kinds to see what works for you and then buy more of that kind.
oh! and buy a couple extra sheet sets for the crib. you don'e wanna be caught in the middle of the night with puked on, peed on etc sheets and no extras to put on the crib! :)
If you are going to travel, get a pack and play playpen. Also, I always used those white padded sheets under the crib sheet. Baby might like to get swaddled so you'll need receiving blankets and some babies like nuks. The hospital will give you one to begin with. If the baby doesn't seem to like it right away, keep it handy because it may be needed later.
Diaper Stacker- you can usually find one that coordinates with your nursery set, but if you can't babies'r'us has plain ones (blue, pink, green, cream).  This item is a real space saver; it hangs right on the side of the changing table.breathable bumpers- the bumper that comes with the nursery set is beautiful and completes the room, but once the baby starts rolling over and mooching in bed, it can be a suffocation risk.  However, without it, I would go into my baby's room in the morning and her little leg would be sticking out between the railing.  It's a real Catch 22. So when I found these bumpers I was relieved, to say the least.  I bought my set of breathable bumpers (attach by velcro and made of a netted material) at Burlington Baby Depot for like 25.00.Swing-  our swing was given to us by a friend of the family.  It was one that had two settings:  side-to-side and front-to-back.  One word:  LIFESAVER!!!Good luck, hope these items help :)
Milliesmom is right. If you have a baby shower you probably wont need to buy anything, but the big items yourself, like a crib and car seat. -- Andrew from switch plate covers and tea light holders sites: home accessories.

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