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c sections?

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Hello mamas, I just found out recently that my doctors are highly recommending to schedule a c section rather than a natural birth and I am soo nervous about the recovery afterwards. Any tips, info, comforts or warnings would be greatly appreciated!! I just don't know what to expect and i'm really nervous. Being a first time mama is very scary, and even just in the pregnancy its so hard never knowing what to expect, I've read a few books and things like that but I know every pregnancy is different and I'm always worried I'm just being super paranoid.. But how much leaking discharge is normal at 31 weeks?... Ive been having pretty bad pains through my pelvis as well and outrageous back aches. Baby is still moving so I know she's okay. And my birthing doctor is currently on vacation but i have arranged to meet with her the day she's back just to be sure.. help mamas! haha.

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Well, with a c section it's alot harder to take care of your baby or even yourself because you might be in pain for the first 2-4 weeks.So you will probably have to have your partner or relatives help out with the baby. I'm not sure if there are any warnings other then no heavy lifting which applys to all surgerys in the belly area,I think as long as your not doing anything that could bust your stiches or staples or whatever they use, you should be fine. If there are any other precautions your doctor will probably tell you.  Moving on to your other question..  Discharge can be normal, but it can also not be. At about 38 weeks I started leaking a clear discharge, and I didn't think anything of it. But when I went to the doctor to have my daughter, they told me that my water had broke but it was just slowly leaking.  Not to worry you, In your case and going by how far along you are it's most likely nothing to worry about.The back aches is normal, It's just a part of being 31 weeks pregnant...The pelvis pain is probably because the baby is laying on it..That's all the advice I have, I didn't have a c section so I can't give every little detail..Hope everything goes well. :) Good luck!!! 
Why is your doctor wanting to schedule a c-section? Make sure it's absolutely necessary. If there aren't serious risks to you or the baby it probably isn't necessary.

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