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Caesar or normal delivery?

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I have only 4 weeks to go.I can't decide by myself.Doctor said that my baby is in good position. so please help me out.actually I am little afraid of normal delivery.

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Normal! a c-section is surgery, and if you can avoid it, I would! It also takes longer to heal. Yes, labour and delivery don't tickle, but in a few weeks you won't remember the pain. Women have been having babies that way forever, so it really is the most natural! If you can't tell, I'm kinda anti-csection unless it is medically needed for either mom or baby's life!
I completely agree with her on this one. I wouldn't have a surgery unless absolutely necessary! Labor doesn't have to be so bad if the pain is what you are worried about. The epidural works wonders and isn't anything like surgery. I personally would definitely avoid a c-section unless me or the baby were in danger. Thats just my personal opinion though. Lots of women are opting for a c-section now days. I would just sit down and write out the pros and cons for each and then make my decision. Good luck sweetie! :)
As some one who had to have a c-section before i think you should have a natrual delivery,c-sections are surgery and it took me sooo much longer to that i am about to give birth to my second child,my doctor does not do vbacs so i have to have another c-section which i cant really change it kinda sucks :/ my advice to you is do what ever makes you feel the most comfortable. :D
Just like Poonie I too had a c-section with my first child mine was due to preeclampsia and was an emergency c-section but let me tell you it's not painless. During the c-section I was given 2 pain meds which made my body feel like I was paralized, I threw up during the c-section, I don't remember the surgery so I missed out on the first few moments of my babies life, and I was in pain for the next few weeks due to the major cut that I had in my lower belly. It hurts a lot for the first few weeks you don't want to move and if you need to sneeze or cough it hurts a lot. Then you usually go on pain meds after the surgery which make you drowsy and lets just say c-section is not all just an easy way out. Again like Poonie I am having my second baby and my dr does not do vbacs either because they say that it's a liabillity issue and any thing can happen so I'm stuck with having another c-section. I know that vaginal birth can seem scary but women have been doing it for years and most of the women that I saw in the hospital after my first birth were walking around like nothing the next day so I don't know in my opinion I would have rather gone through the pain of vaginal birth even for a day or two than be hurting a month later.
i had to have a c-section, i would have loved to have a v-birth, cause it is a one of a kind experiences. I deff would say normal birth , unless you have to just have  a c-section!!! C-section takes longer to recover and has its cons.

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