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Cait has been really sick.

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The doctor said she had the flu and gave me antibiotics, she has ran a fever at like 99.7 and has been throwing up I am worried about her, she screams all day...I don't know how to help.

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Antibiotics won't do anything for the flu. Influenza is a virus, not a bacteria. Stop giving them to your daughter. Exposure to unnecessary antibiotics only creates antibiotic resistant bacteria and it also kills all the good bacteria she has in her body, much of which make up her natural immune system.99.7 isn't a very high fever, it's only 1 degree higher than the average normal human body temperature. It's normal for kids to run a little higher than average because they are so active.If she has been throwing up you should try to give her some Pedialyte so she doesn't get dehydrated. Dress her in light clothing so she won't feel too hot. Give her whatever she will eat. Try to get her to rest. Keep the lights low, read to her, cuddle with her.You can go to to look up a remedy based on her symptoms. You should also get a book called The Family Guide to Homeopathy. It's a lot easier and faster to use than the internet. Audrey got sick once and threw up every time she ate solid food. I looked up that specific symptom and found her a remedy that cured it immediately. After 1 does she was able to keep food down.
Thank you!! I was thinking the antibiotics was different because my friends 14 month old got the flu and they didn't give her anything just said to give her lots of liquids.
Yeah, unfortunately there just isn't much you can do about a cold or the flu. Do what you can to keep her hydrated and eating (if she'll keep solids down) and just make her as comfortable as possible. It sucks when little ones get sick!

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