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Caitlyn is 7 months old and she is starting to say words is it normal.

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I went to the store and let my husband samuel watch caitlyn. When I got home I could've swore she said ''hi mama'' is that normal.

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My youngest is 8 months old and he says "dada", Mama", "Duck" (for his rubber ducky in the tub) and "Ball".  I am not the only one that has heard him say it so I know I am not crazy.  All babies do thigns at different times.  Just keep a listen out for your daughter to say it again.  :)
All children develop at different rates. Some are almost walking at 7 months, some are beginning to talk. Don't be alarmed by a child who hits milestones early, especially talking! 
My 6 month old babbles mamamama and bababababa when she is hungry only. i think it is her way of telling me, "Momma I'm hungry for a bottle!"
Yes , it is perfectly normal and will diminish her tantrums when she is 2! Keep talking to her. 

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