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caitlyn is gonna be 7 months old soon should she be walking soon?

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Im a first time momma i don't know when she should walk no rude comments plz.

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Some babies walk this early and some it takes a little longer. My sister and I both started walking shortly before our first birthdays. My boyfriend's mom said he started walking at 9 months. It just depends on the baby.
my son zack started walking at 11 months like kimmie said it depends on the baby
12 months is average, give or take.
7 months would be a very early walker, but it's about average for a crawler.  My son crawled at 7 months and walked at 11.  Is your baby pulling up on furniture/your legs/the family dog to try standing on her own?  That's a sign that she's probably ready for those first steps.
My youngest daughter started walking right before she hit 8 months. My oldest was 12 months. Every child devolps in their own way.
like everyone said every babys different bf started walking at 9 months an i started around 11 or i say average is between 8-13 months..she will get there!! im dreaded when my 4 month old even begins to crawl because shes gunna be all over..he arms and legs never stop moving!
Jess...I feel you! My 5-month-old practically leaps out of my arms when she sees something she wants to get closer to. I just know she is going to love to get into things she shouldn't. Have you started baby-proofing yet? I've been plugging up all the open outlets with those plastic plugs in anticipation. Not sure what else to do to prepare.
she is pulling herself up and then she lets go and stands a min then falls
probably around a year old. there is no rule for walking. it is not considered one of those development delay red flags
Probably not. Some kids do walk really early but 12-14 months is average. My daughter started cruising furniture at about 8 months and she walked by herself at 10 months. My son cruised the furniture around 7 months and walked by himself at 12 months. Every child is different and will develop at their own pace. 

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