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Caitlyn has been crying all the time she always wants me to breatsfeed

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I am not complaining I love my daughter but I need time to do things around the house

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She may be going through a growth spurt. As long as she's actually nursing and not using it as an excuse for comforting you're just going to have to ride this out. You can try giving her a little more baby food or maybe a little juice to see if that will satisfy her.
Is she teething? I have found that sometime when they are teething they like to nurse a lot.
My daughter does the same thing when we get home from work/babysitter. She wants to be held all the time. Sometimes I have to put her down and let her cry for a bit so that I can do dishes, clean, feed myself etc. Most of the time she will find a toy to play with and forget about being upset. If it isn't a growth spurt, it might just be she wants some extra comfort.

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