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caitlyn has pnuemonia we went to the beach

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after that she went in the air conditioned car and got sick from it and considering shes 7 months she wont eat sleep play or anything she screams constantly i dont know what to do shes hungry but she wont eat and just crys and crys i have her anibiotics she takes it every 24 hours but it doesnt help

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Pnuemonia is caused by a virus, or bacteria, that isn't properly filtered through your lungs. It can take 1 to 3 weeks to fully clear up and your child my experience discomfort while she is still sick. Talk with your peditrition if you are concerned but it sounds like this is just something you will have to wait out. Make sure she is getting plenty of formula and juice if you have cleared with the ped. As far as eatting, she will eat when she is hungry enough, just keep offering her favorites (but healthy) and try not to stress over it because she sense the stress. Good luck.
well i always heard u can get it threw going in the cold when ur wet or things like that or i wouldve ask the doctor about it but she has a check up in a few days to see how well its clearing up and if they need to give her a breathing treatment but i will ask about it and thanks for the advice
Make sure she gets lots of liquids. Give her light foods like crackers that you know will stay down and keep the tummy calm.

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