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Cali's first disneyland trip

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Cali is going to be 2 on March 25th and her dad and i decided to take her to disneyland. It might be a mistake for most young mothers with a 2year old to take any child under 5 but i feel as if she can handle it and would behave really well. Cali is actually a really good baby. Aside from all of that... Since this is my first trip with my own child i am very excided but confused on what exactly to take for her. I know I'm obviously going to take my phone, money, and extra change of clothes (including a sweater) for Cali, some diapers and wipes, and a couple sandwiches, snacks, and waters/juices. I know i will also bring her stroller and a blanket. But i dont want to forget anything or struggle cause i dont have what i needed. But i also dont want to ober back and carry a huge bag. Oh and since its her birthday I wanted to get her a bitrthday button. Would it matter if we are at the park on the exact date? And what else can she get? Thank you so much for the help and tips:)

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To be honest, taking her at this age will be more of a hassle than it's worth. I took my kids before I left Southern California and they were just too young. I was difficult with a stroller because there are so many people, they could go on any rides, the lines were incredibly long for photos with was too stressful for me and they don't remember even being there. Disneyland is too expensive to waste on a child who won't remember it. If you are intent on taking a special trip for her birthday think about other things you can do. The Long Beach aquarium is really great, as is the zoo. Do Disneyland when everyone can really enjoy and remember it.

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