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calling CPS I am heartbroken. Someone please help.

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Hello everyone. I have 2 children ages 2 and 7 years old. I had a little boy(please take with grain of salt he's not really that little) age 8 years old in my care to watch while the Mother went to collage. I also took him to the bus stop each day. I did this because I wanted to help her out. She's a single Mother and so I didn't get paid to take him to the bus because I understood how very hard that it was for her. Needles to say I laughed, I had fun and it was very rewarding(though very hard at times). I have nothing but good memories that I"ll probably hold onto forever. But then he started to tell me how his Mother picked him up by his neck, picked him up by his face and threw him on the bed. I even was told how she would hit him on the head with an object. He would tell me almost every day how he "hated" his Mom. After thinking things through and talking it over with my husband I decided that enough was enough. I got tired of hearing these stories. I had to make a choice. Did I want to risk telling her and give more abuse for him telling me? She most likely would LIE to me about anything going on(if anything was going on) I just wanted to be sure. So, I called Child Services hoping that they could investigate. I told the social worker that I didn't know if the child was in fact telling the truth. I wanted to be sure. God forbid something would actually happen I'd feel bad. The lady found out it was me since her child was I was the only one who told me these things. Now I'm not aloud to talk to her child or be around him. all because I cared enough to get involved. I was told that it was "non of my business" but she put her child in MY CARE so how is it not by business? This upsets me so much. I loved that child. I know that I'm not his Mom and he's not my responsibility but actually he WAS my responsibility for that time that I took him to the bus and had him in my home. and hearing those words that came out of his mouth just broke my heart. What was I supposed to do?

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I also wanted to ask that I told the CPS worker that this was all things that were told to me and that I didn't have any proof of it .but I wanted her to check anyways just to make sure that nothing was going on.
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