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Camera for amazing baby photos?

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Hi everyone! My son’s first birthday is coming up and I really want to take some amazing photos of him to keep this memory forever, but we have a pretty regular camera. Has anyone had this issue before? Did you borrow from friends or rent from somewhere (where?) or just buy a camera? Thanks!!

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We just used a regular point and shoot digital camera of decent quality for the first few years. The pictures came out just fine, but that may be because my husband has had plenty of photography classes. A couple of years ago I got an $800 Nikon for my birthday and it definitely takes better quality pictures, but it's overkill for anyone but a budding professional. My oldest daughter has a point and shoot Nikon that takes great pictures and was probably about $100. For my son's last birthday we ended up using my iPad to take pictures and video and they turned out just fine. If the camera you have now works well and takes decent pictures, don't worry about finding a new one. You will only get professional quality pictures with a professional photographer. The camera itself doesn't matter that much If it isn't in the right hands.

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