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Can a 5yr old know what attitude is?

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My early 5yr old seems to have attitude(not sure if at this age they know what attitude is) I notice that he rolls his eyes or takes those deep breaths when he is not happy to do something. I notice this being done more when he is going to do something new or not sure on how to do something. To me it seems like is when he is nervous. He is very vocal(not in a bad way) in letting one know when he does not like something. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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yes, they can have attitudes, and it's normal at this age. my daughter is only 20 months old, and has attitude problems at times. i threaten to spank her, and that puts her behavior in check immediately. at 5, i would teach him some respect, as in, "yes ma'am, yes sir, etc." manners, and respect go a long way, and it's better to teach them young while they are developing habbits, and have good communication skills. hope this helps.

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