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can anyone help me?

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I got my implant taken out on the 20th January 2015 I was into my third year of having it in and wasn't meant to be getting it taken out until September, I decided to get it taken out in the January because me and my boyfriend wanted to try for a baby, I have not yet fell pregnant and it's been three months since I have got it out, ive also had my first period since I got it out and still haven't fell pregnant, ive had sex since my first period and inbetween my period, im not onto my second period since I had it out and im abit worried that I haven't fell pregnant yet because I had sex inbetween the first period and second, is there anything I should be worried about?

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Try not to worry, these things can take time. I was lucky with my so. I had my implant (my 3rd) removed and fell pregnant on my 4th period after removal. I had another implant fitted after I gave birth to my son. My partner and I have now decided that it is time to try for another. I have had my implant out for 6months and still no sign :-( I guess it's not something that you can put a time frame on, I've come to expect that it will happen when it happens :-) Mother Nature can't be rushed.

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