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Can anyone help me with morning sickness???

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I just turned 10 weeks today and i have been having constant morning sickness. Snacking on crackers and sleeping usually helps but once i stop eatting them or wake up the morning sickness flares back up. It feels like I hadnt ate anything at all. Its even there when im full. I just started School and it is kind of affecting focus...please someone help me is there anything i can do to cope?

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There are lots of remedies that work for some women. Ginger in pretty much any form, candied, ale, dried, etc. is supposed to help. Citrus, either fresh, juice, lemon drops, etc. can help also. Snacking constantly throughout the day can help. There are also acupressure wrist bands you can try. You can Google morning sickness remedies and you'll find lists of all the home remedies that are supposed to work. If it's really terrible you can ask your doctor for prescription medication, but some new studies are finding that they may cause birth defects. Not to bum you out, but if you feel really sick even after eating, there may not be much, if anything that you can do about it. With my first daughter I had horrendous morning sickness for almost 6 months. I even had to quit my job because I couldn't work through the sickness. Thankfully, I wasn't vomiting, but I'm not sure if constant, intense nausea is really that much better. At least puking gives a little relief! I'm pregnant with my second daughter (my third baby) and I had morning sickness for three months. It was terrible, I could barely eat and everything made me feel sick. I just had to suffer through it. Sipping sodas and eating popcorn, oatmeal cookies and crackers helped a little, but not much. None of the regular remedies worked for me either time.
nothing really helped me just went away when i was farther along
When I was pregnant I had morning sickness unill 20 weeks The only thing that made it stop for a few minutes was ginger ale and crackers.
I had extreme morning sickness from about 7 weeks till 13 weeks and the only thing that seem to help me a little was some medication prescribed by my doctor and ginger tea! No matter what I ate, or what I was doing, I got sick 24 hours a day! It really was a pain. But luckily, in most people, it subsides by the 12th-13th week and then you'll feel great! :)

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