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can babies run high fever when teething

2 answers
can my baby have a high fever of 102.0 when teething?

answers (2)

Yes they can or they can have diarrea it depends on the baby mybe both. Just If the baby get high fever Try to cool it down take off the clothes if it doesnt work take him/her to emergency. But yes most babies get hight fever. Its the same that happens to my baby
Yes that's typical, but don't let it get too high or your baby can get irreversable brain damage. Anything over 100, get a hand towel wet with cold water and pat your baby down with it from head to toe, this will bring the fever down. If the fever goes up again later on just do the same thing, as long as it is working there is no need for emergency room. However if this does not help you should deff take baby to ER if fever gets to 103.

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