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Can babies sense when their mother is pregnant again?

4 answers
For the last 3 weeks me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby. Well my son is 16 months old and for the last week or so he has been lifting up my shirt and touching my belly and smiling. Is it possible he can sense i am pregnant already without me even knowing?

answers (4)

It's possible. Kids can be intuitive. My daughter knew I was saying I was having a baby girl long before I had my ultrasound that confirmed what she said. But, kids are also very smart and know and can pick up on things that we don't always realize. Have you been talking about having another baby? If so, he may have seen you unconsciously rub your belly or something like that and he's just curious what that's about.
My best friend is pregnant (20 weeks along) and my 7-month-old loves to sit on her lap and lay her head on her belly. I think she knows she has a friend on the way :)
When me and my boyfriend and i talk about it we are alone but him and my close friends always ask him if he wants a brother or sister.
I totally believe they can sense stuff. I know its quite a bit different but my dog knew b4 me and my fiance, he refused to jump up on me which is when i started wondering :)

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