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can doc due date be wrong??

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my due date is april 9 but some woman say the doc could be a week off, is this really true o just a lie...

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My OB and I do not agree on my due date. According to my lmp my due date is 2/15 and I know exactly when I concieved so I agree with this date. My OB based my due date on a 9 weeks ultrasound and says that my due date is 2/23. Every u/s dince the 9 week one baby has measured 1-2 weeks ahead of OB's date, making mine sound more accurate. But she is stillnot hearing it.. I was really frustrated at first but I have now decided that baby decides when he arrives so we will see
Your due date is an estimate. Usually it is based on your last monthly period, but sometimes they use an ultrasound like for BabyReedsmama. Your baby will decide when s/he is ready, which could be as much as 2 weeks before or after the date the doc gives you.Good luck :)
I was Almost 3 weeks early, and my water broke, i was due February 4th, and i had him January 18th.
Even if you and your doctor agree on the due date, there is a chance you won't have your baby that day regardless. Focus on preparing for your baby and not on the due date!
That's very true what preppyitbull says, focus on the babe. Due dates are educatated guesses. Your babe can be born 2 weeks before or after the "due date". It's a guideline for the docs and you to follow for development and prenatal care. The docs will usually go on ultrasound dates if that one and your LMP is more than 10 days apart or so.
It is pointless to get frustrated and argue with your OB about a due date. Whatever the date, the baby will come when it's ready, rarely do they come on the exact day that has been predicted. Arguing with your OB about a due date may make for an unnecessarily strained relationship with someone who is more than likely going to be with you during one of the most important times of your life. Agree to disagree, and know that yes, the OB can sometimes be wrong. Also, keep in mind that although you may be convinced of the day you conceived, our bodies throw us curveballs all the time.Oh and by the way, that date is fast approaching! The most important thing the due date tells us is that we need to get prepared! :)
My doctor told me that my due date was different after I had my ultrasound with my daughter.  They didn't bother changing it though since it was within a week.  I was due with her on Nov 26, and she was born on the 22.  My nurse with my first pregnancy once told me that she wished it would be a standard "due week".  The changed my son's due date from March 6th to March 15 and he wasn't born on either day.
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