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Can I be pregnant from this?

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The first day of my last period was August 11th. I had unprotected sex August 23rd. I ovulated about August 25th. Can I be pregnant from this? If so, can I take a pregnancy test September 9th and have it be accurate (using First Response)? I know this is too soon for pregnancy symptoms, but my lower stomach has hurt for about 3 days now. It feels like period cramps but I'm not supposed to get my period for another 1 1/2 weeks? I just have a bad feeling that I am pregnant. Help!

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It's possible; my understanding is that some sperm can live within the fallopian tubes for up to three days.  At least, that's what I was taught in high school an extremely long time ago. Assuming that  you're supposed to get your next period on September 8, yes, you can take an OTC test as soon as you miss it (on the 9th) and it'll be fairly accurate.  Remember that if you don't trust the OTC result, you'll want to go in to your doctor for a blood test.
It's definitely too soon for pregnancy symptoms. If you are pregnant the egg is still traveling through your fallopian tube and hasn't yet implanted in your uterus. Your body isn't doing anything different hormone wise yet. Wait until the first day of your next expected period to take a test.
I sometimes get cramps when I ovulate, you could be experencing that. I did not start getting them until I was in my early 20's and I was not sure what they were at first. But if you do not want to get pregnant use this scared feeling to do something next time and not have unprotected sex. There are a lot of options.
I have a few questions (you do not need to answer them here by perhaps to yourself.It sounds like you do NOT want to be pregnant so A) how do you KNOW that you ovulated on Aug 25th? Not all women ovulated on the same schedule btw B) Why would you have unprotected sex so close to your ovulation if you didn't want to be pregnant. I have heard sperm can live as much as 4 days inside a woman in search of the egg.IF you are pregnant it is way too soon for any symptoms so I would guess that if your stomach is hurting it is because you are stressing yourself out from worrying about being pregnant, Also if you are stressing yourself out about thi it COULD cause your period to come late. By the first day of your missed period you should be able to do a test, BUT not all tests are equal, each one has a different number of HcG they look for in your urine so I would definietly pick one up that is of better quality, first response as you mentioned  would be one of the better ones, also I recommend you use the first pee of the morning as the HcG might be more prevalent at that time. Be aware even a first response might say negative....and I would check again a week or so after that JUST to be sure.I hope the test gives you the result you want and hopefully if you are NOT wanting to be pregnnat you have learned to use a contraceptive :) Good luck

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