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Im 15 and my boyfriend and I were messing around today. I was blowing him and then he came on my chest in which I smeared his ejaculation over my fingers. After about 10-20 minutes of making out, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, in which I guess I rinsed my hands. Then when I came back I fingered myself. What are my chances of getting pregnant? Also, if my boyfriend and I were dry humping through my panties and his boxers (he didn't ejaculate but I was wet) can I get pregnant too? I'm just worried that there was left over sperm or precum containing sperm on his dick that might've went through our underwear. For a like two seconds his dick slipped out of his boxers and rubbed against my underwear. I'm just so stressed, I have never had sex and that was the first time we did anything more than just kissing :/ I was also ovulating, which sucks even more. Do i have nothing to worry about or could I actually become pregnant? My period is supposed to come on the 4th of October. Are there any symptoms I should watch out for? I really really really cant become pregnant, I regret every descision i made yesterday and now I cant even focus on studying for my AP biology test.

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