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Can I be pregnant ?

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My period is about 7 days late , I had sex in September 20,21,22,23 I was spotting at that time it is now October 16 and I'm just cramping with all symptoms of pregnancy I had 2 negative urine test and one negative blood test I'm very confused can I still be pregnant ? I don't want to risk anything if I am

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I was induced with my little guy at 39 weeks due to gallbladder issues i had hyped myself up so much and was so worried the night prior that it was going to be a tougher labor and honestly I went in at 9am after a good breakfast I was able to have everything packed and ready to go which was so nice I didn't feel rushed or like I had forgotten anything we got all set up in the room and they started the medicine around 11am I started out at 4cm and once the put the medicine in I did start having stronger contractions I asked for the epidural it took them awhile to get that sorted out they had missed the first time and trouble feeding the catheter in and once they had gotten it in the medicine didn't work it took a couple different tries before the medicine finally kicked in and they broke my water after that I was able to take a small nap and at about 5pm I woke with horrible contractions and they came in to check me and I had gone from 4cm-8cm in a span of about two hours so they set the room up and got ready and at 6:20 we had our beautiful little guy it was the was a lot less stressful and scary than I ever imagined I know not all experiences are like mine but I had a good one the only thing was after I was so hungry I would've eaten anything at that point haha good luck and congrats!

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