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can i deliver my baby at 38 weeks

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Im feeling pain through out my lower back and lower front. Can this be because my body is tired or is it beginings of labor.

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what type of pain is it? i know its difficult to describe sometimes (at least it is for me) it constant...does it come and go? give me some more info, and hopefully i can help you narrow it down. when i went into labor (only 3 days before i was due) it started with lower back pain....the back pain was just a constant uncomfortableness with pain peaking every so often...soon the peaks of pain started to show a regular pattern, then it started moving to the my understanding if you start walking/change positions and the pain stops then its just Baxton-Hicks...if walking/changing positions makes it worse or just doesnt help, it could be labor...if you are in labor...DONT WORRY! 38 wks is full term...and some labors can last days! You may just have some uncomfortable cramping for a while before you go into ACTIVE labor. I'd stay away from the dr/hospital unless you feel there is something very wrong, your pain starts showing a pattern of contractions 5 min apart for at least 1 hour, or if you just wanna be checked out for peace of mind (nothing wrong with that!).
38 weeks is perfectly fine! :) get lots of sleep now because your body is in for some rough work soon :)Good luck
it may be because your body is tired from carrying all that extra weight around.

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