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can i douch when i am pregnant ?

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im not really sure ask your doctor:)
Read The Instructions Summer's Eve Douche Say Not To Use When Pregnant
No you can not use douch while pregnant. Douch is not great for your body anyways as it cleans it's self in there. But you are diffently not supposed to use it while pregnant.
I never like the idea of douching (and still have never done it), so many years ago I asked my gynecologist if it's really necessary to douche.  Just like Kaorie also said, my doctor said our bodies cleanse themselves and there's no need.  As long as you keep yourself clean in all the right places, why bother?  I suppose if I was a doucher, my thought would be that I wouldn't when I was pregnant.
Douching is not a healthy practice whether you are pregnant or not.  It removes healthy bacteria and disrupts the ph balance which can cause you to have recurrent bacterial infections.  Talk to your physician and ask them to recommend a good vaginal probiotic.  They help your body naturally maintain a balance of good and bad bacteria.  They can be taken daily as a regular supplement and cause no harm to your unborn child.  It is normal to have more vaginal discharge during pregnacy as long as there is no foul odor.  If you are experiencing a not so fresh feeling have your doctor check for a possible infection immediately.  Hope this helps.

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