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can i eat fig and almonds,its my first trimester

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my age -38 years i am 8 weeks pregnant my first kid -female child-7 years old,normal delivery all my reports are normal

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You should talk with your doctor about what foods are safe and what foods you should avoid during pregnancy. He or she should be able to give you a list. Figs and almonds should be fine.
If everything is fine then you welcome to eat figs and almonds; as well as anything. Enjoy. ;P
Don't drink hard liquor, limit wine to 3oz once in a while, don't drink more than 12oz of coffee per day. Eat at reputable establishments, don't eat too much fish; omega-3 good, but mercury = bad.Eat food you like, smaller meals though: you'll rapidly run out of real estate... smaller meals more often. In my 2nd closing in on 3rd tri. Had sushi a few days ago: the kid within loved it. Same with spicy foods. Srsly: what do women in Thailand do when they're preggo, eat rice and beans? Nope: they'll continue to eat what they love. Figs and almonds are high in essential vitamins and fibre: enjoy 'em!
(actually, in retrospect I should have said: "NO! DO NOT EAT Almonds nor figs! Especially the smoked almonds and fresh figs! Immediately pack up those dangerous goods and send them to ME! I will dispose of them safely for you!" ;)

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