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Can I get parent and still be a virgin

3 answers
I'm 14 and I'm worried that I'm pregnant. Because I been getting a lot of pain in my stomach and I have been throwing up in the morning, and having cravings. I'm so scared that I'm pregnant, because I haven't had sex before, i am still a virgin and I don't want to go to the doctor to see if I am. Ps I have been late for about three weeks.

answers (3)

No, you cannot get pregnant if you are still a virgin but I would go to the doctor and get checked out just in case there is an actual problem.
You most defiantly can not get pregnant if you have never had sex before. You should go to the doctor and ask them what's happening to you though, because you don't sound too well Hun. X
Technically yes. Only if seamen has gone into your vagina.whats happening is because your so young your body is changing dramatically. It's all normal and your mind is setting off your body that's why your throwing up and having cravings. Most PERIOD symptoms are close to pregnancy symptoms. Like cravings and headaches and your mind can even make you be late on your period to. If you have never had sex or done anything with a boy you are NOT pregnant your just sycing your self out

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