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can i get pregnant?

3 answers
I want to know if i can get pregnant after haveing my tubes tied,cut,and burned.

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i had my tubes tied..and now i am 5 months pregnant...after i had my 3rd daughter they told  me they couldnt tie my tubes then so i had to go back a month later....while i was in surgery they had a fire...when i woke up i was in the main hospital in alot of 3rd baby is 20 months old so when the baby comes she will be 2....i wanted mine tied, cut and burned but somewhere they messed up
There is always a possibility. Not a very good one but probably some of a chance.
People's bodies have an amazing capacity to heal, and it's not unheard of for cut and cauterized tubes to reconnect as they heal, making pregnancy possible again.It's VERY rare, but it has happened, so the answer is yes.

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