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Can I have sex during labor???

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I am not sure but I would think no. It may risk infection.
probly not..and if ur in labor in sure the last thing ur going to be thinking about is sex
you can have sex as long as your water has not broken
If your water has not broken then yes you can, as long as you are up for it. If your water breaks at any point then you NEED to stop and no sex as it can cause an infection.
Thank You ladies that was very helpful
I'm sorry, but why?  Once those contractions hit you won't want anyone to touch you much less, have sex.  I wonder if anyone has done that?
Ew, like a few others said as long as your water hasn't broken or there aren't any other complications I don't see why not. I just can't imagine why you would want to. Your vagina is about to go through A LOT already.  She may need that small resting period...  :)
I actually had sex during labor. my water was not broken at the time. I was just in the hospital waiting to dialute on my own. Surprisingly I was up for it! the nurse did come in later and wonder why there was so many straggly lines on the monitor paper.
Actually, a lot of sex horomones are released during labor.  I recently read statistics that close to 30% of women in a comfortable labor situation (typically a home birth) experience orgasm or 'birth euphoria' during childbirth.  I would recommend watching the fantastic documentary film "The Orgasmic Birth" and I highly recommend Ina May Gaskin's "Guide to Childbirth." 
why in the hell would you want to have sex during labor?


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