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Can i sleep on my back?

4 answers
I am the biggest back sleeper and am in my third trimester. Can I sleep on my back and if not what can I do for the sore legs and hips durring the night?

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You are not supposed to be sleeping on your back right now. It's because of a nerve or a vein, I think a vein, getting pinched or something along that line. When my legs start hurting in the middle of the night, I just start kicking. That is all that seems to help when they hurt. Try propping them up on a pillow when you go to bed. That helps me usually.
You need a body pillow. It really is a great investment, it helped keep me propped up and I felt no soreness in my legs at all after I started sleeping with it. They sell them at a lot of places, I would definately buy one if i were you. Take care!
My doctor made it very clear that pregnant women should not sleep flat on their backs because it causes the uterus to expand and it cuts off circulation to your baby. She is a mother of twins and told me its ok if you prop a pillow(s) under your back (which is what she did) and stay somewhat elevated. I am 7 months now and I know all about that hip pain... it can make sleeping very difficult. i use about 6 pillows to prop myself up. Good luck!!!
Yes i agree, a body pillow can do the trick. You can get more information here that i have studied about. Hope it helps!

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