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Can i take a 2 months old baby to canada during the winter?

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My baby lives in FL, and many people say going to canada during the winter is not a good idea because of the weather... i need some suggestions please

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I wouldn't, but that's mainly because I hate traveling with babies and toddlers. It also depends on where you'll be going in Canada. Some places have crazy amounts of snow and bad weather, other places don't. If you do decide to go, make sure you all have passports, even your baby. They're required now.
I know the climate change is a bit different. I live in VT and it get cold and snowy here but I know plenty of people that take their baby south. It is not like you are going to be hanging outside in freezing weather. My daughter was born in February and people in our birthing class took their babies when they were only a month old to Mexico. That is a big difference in temp the other way. I think your baby will be fine. You can bundle her up and put a blanket over her car seat when you are traveling between the car and building(take it off when you are in the car or building) We are just on the outside of Canada so our weather is different but it is not like you are going to the artic circle.
Canadian weather isn't THAT bad, i should know i live in Canada. Some places are a bit colder than others, but I promise you your baby won't freeze to death. Just pack a warm clothes and snow gear: mitt's, hat, scarf. Really, do not forget the scarf! Plus, if it get's to cold during the day you can always go inside!
Thank you everyone. the answers really help

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