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Can i use Lysol to clean baby items?

4 answers
My baby is due in a few weeks and I got a used Pack N' Play, and a few other things. Is it Ok to sanitize baby stuff with Lysol? If not, what would you suggest?

answers (4)

im not quite sure because of the fumes,but u can surely ask your doctor and find out
I am not sure either but I have read in one of my parenting magazines to use vinegar and water solution. That's what I use for toys, that's not machine washable. I think the formula for it is 1pt vinegar to 3pt water. I just guess and use what looks good. Remember if you do use this to rinse with clear water after.
I was told not to bacause of the strong fumes and many chemicals used in lysol. There are many organic wipes and sprays that kills germs!!!
I dont see that my post uploaded, but I use Melaleuca. Its special order, but its much safer for kids. No safety caps needed. But since you're due any day now - use Wet Ones. They are much more effective at killing nasty germs

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