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Can a man with low sperm count get a woman pregnant?

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My boyfriend & I had sex on the 22 of this month & he came inside me. Im pretty sure I was ovulating around that time. Im not actually sure when I ovulate though but from what I read ovulation starts 2 weeks after your period ends.My period started on the 9th of this month & I have a 28 day cycle. He has a low sperm count & he told me that u cant get a girl pregnant if u have a low sperm count is that true?

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The 14 day ovulation is an average approximation. Even with a regular cycle you may ovulate before or after 14 days. The only way to know exactly when you ovulate is to use ovulation testers. As far as getting pregnant, yes, it's possible. If there is any sperm present in a man's semen a woman can get pregnant. It's usually a little more difficult, but it definitely happens.
My husband has very low sperm count and my tubes and uterus are blocked my dr said my only option is IVF . I have two daughters from my previous marriage. I cannot afford ivf. I would like to know if anyone has been in a similar situation and any advice would be helpful.

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