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can my son be teething at four months old?

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my son is four months old and he is constantly putting his bib in his mouth and begins biting down on it. my wife says he is teething i said it's to early for him to be teething. so she went out and got teething rings for him. but i told her i still thing it's to early for him to be teething, so we made a bet. so i need help with this answer. could my son be teething at four months old?

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He very well could be. My cousin has two kids, and they both cut their first tooth towards the end of their fourth month!
Absolutely! Both my girls had their first tooth around 4 months. Every baby is different though, but mouthing everything is a sign that he could be getting teeth in. 
most definitely. my daughter had 4 teeth at 4 months. there is really no set age for teething. every child is different. i have seen toothless 12 month old babies at the dr's office! frozen rags,  frozen bananas, frozen pacifiers all work great. ginger snaps too.
Yes.  Keep in mind, it could still be a long wait before those teeth appear, but it sounds as though they're on the move.  My son started teething around 4 months (major drool, chewing on everything in sight), but the first didn't pop through until he was nearly 7 months.  Look for the frozen chew toys you can get in the baby section.  Hyland's used to offer teething tablets that were a great help to us as well; Orajel didn't work too much on my son but I know other babies really liked it.  And when all else fails: Infant Tylenol.  They say teething is the worst pain you can have (although I'm not sure how they figure that).  Just make sure you're giving the right amount for your child's age and weight.
My daughter is 4 months old and she is teething right now and I have two other children that did the same thing but just cause they are teething now does not mean you will see teeth right away they can be teething for months before a tooth comes in
Even if the baby isn't teething, those rings won't hurt anything. And they will be very helpful when the child is teething.

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