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Can not eating meat be hurtfull for a 2 yearold..?

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I have a 2 year old daughter and she doesnt want to eat meat..!! All she will have are veggies rice, soups, cereal, oatmeal anyhting except meat..!! The only kind of meat she will have is a slice of polish ham.... No matter how i cook it for her she tells me she doesnt like it.. She wont even eat the chicken nuggets all her little cousins eat..!! I really dont want to forse her to eat it if she doesnt want to, but im afraid she can get sick..? Does any one know how much meat shes suppoce to eat and if its bad for her heath not to eat any except for ham..? =o(

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just give them beans and beanutbutter that will give them protien
No it is not bad for her health to have little or no meat. Like the other poster said, give her beans, peanut butter, eggs, and dairy. That should give her enough protein. Also, I wouldn't give her too much ham. It tends to be processed with a lot of salt and preservatives. 
No, but you should try to subsitute for other proteins. My daughter would go through sperts like that or eat things prepared a certain way. My neighbor (a wise mother of 6) told me when my daughter was going through phases that kids always eat what their bodies need. After I watched my daughter eat two and a half chicken drumsticks one night, I realized how true this is. Now that she's approaching 3 I have noticed she does this is veggies too. Occasionally she will only eat things prepared a certain way, like she'd rather eat hamburger as in taco meat and not a patty.
Like other posters have mentioned she will be fine. I would make sure she is getting protein & other vitamins she may be lacking, but other than that try not to worry.I would talk to the ped. about it just so he/she is aware & can give you any extra tips! :)
She will be fine. I have a 6 year old and he's a very picky eater. More now than when he was younger. He hardly ate any meat, still doesn't (only grilled chicken, occasional chicken nugget, summer sausage, bacon rarely, and my meatballs). He is healthy. If you are concerned, you can bring it up to your pediatrician. Low sodium peanut butter is a staple at our house for his protein (he doesn’t eat beans either). Have you tried the animal shaped chicken nuggets? Or cutting the meat into shapes? Might help...ketchup or bbq sauce might work too.
thank you everyone...!! all your advise was great and im useing it all she aparently really likes the penut butter i had never gaven it to her and she loves it with apples... I also tryed grilling her chicken like yayamom said and she ate it thankx soo much...!! =)
tofu is loaded with protein, and takes on the taste of whatever you mix it with. i put it in the blender with yogurt, cinnamon, and vanilla. top that with some fruit, and you have a healthy breakfast.

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