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can pregnancy identified in 30 days?

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If you are asking whether or not a pregnancy test would give a positive result 30 days after conception, the answer is yes, it should. There are some cases when a woman's level of hcg is too low to be detected by a home pregnancy test, but most women should get a reliable result after 30 days.
thank u vforventure.. 22nd of every month is my period date.. without a date before or after. this time missed. i checked up in hospital yesterday. result was negative. i'm not having any symptoms i face every month and any signs of pregnancy too. i think i've to wait for few more days. any idea?
If you got a negative result from a pregnancy test, chances are good that you aren't pregnant. Wait few little while longer to see if you get your period. Occasional irregularities are completely normal and are caused by minor hormonal imbalances from things like stress or illness. 

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