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Can someone PLZ help me find a cute RARE UNUSUAL name for my baby girl

11 answers
Im having the HARDEST time finding a name for my baby girl!!! Can someone PLZ gives me some suggestions???? i want a RARE UNUSUAL names!! (boy names for a girl i like too) Someone plz help me!!!

answers (11)

This website actually has a baby names section and it has just about every name you could think of. I can't find a name either so I know where you are coming from. Good luck! :)
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You could go with something unusual with a more common name. Like Aspen Elizabeth or Raine Marie. (natural names too)I think it would be helpful to figure out what you want to portray with a name (ex. a cute name, a nature name, exotic), and then go from there. Maybe you want a name that is special to where you and your partner met (city name with a twist or a landmark- River, Kanyon).If you like boy names, you can change them up a little to make them sound more Michaela.Other ideas: Gennara, Julaya, Britta, Francesca 
i love the name esmae, but im having a boy so out goes the girl names :-)
i like nature names like river,meadow,skyla,raine,autumn,summer, and i also like girlie names like chloe,brittany,kori,alexis,kylie,maria,annabelle, or strong names like atlanta,athena,isabella,darlene, and then theres rare names like rayla,saphire,merleah,shyla, good luck! hope this helps! :)
I once met a little girl named Avenue Rogue, thought it was such a beautiful and unique name! Also Ellen Pompeio from Grey's Anatomy named her daughter Stella Luna (star moon) which I think is very cool/pretty. Good luck!
I like the name Seren (it means star) and its quite rare
JessikaMcKaylai like those alot... Now Jessiak isnt unusual , but the spelling is really cool :)))
maysah-harper middle name grace so harper grace- lynnex- u can spell these names any way u want and there fun and cute
Kieryn, Winter, Phoenix, Zaia, Zaida, Xylia (pronounced Za-leah), Fallyn (Kallyn, Tallyn), Faron, Jiovanni, Luna, Nova, Harmony, Kaia, Reina, Kiegan, Jacie.Hope one of these inspires you! If not, I hope they inspire someone!


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