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Can there be something wrong?

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Hello, I'm 16 and this is my first pregnancy. I know I'm young but I am worried that there might be something wrong or I'm just paranoid. I'm 6 weeks along, I can hardly eat anything at all, I feel very hot in the belly area, I feel like there's something stuck in my throat, and I just don't feel well at all. Can anyone help me?

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Hi! Well i have had four kids and might be pregnant again, i have never felt hot on my stomach but cold yes, the lump feeling in the throat yes, and not being able to eat yes, i had a ton of nonstop heart burn, felt weak, sick , those are normal symptoms but i would ask your ob about feeling hot on your stomach, then again it could be hot flashes, is it just on your stomach or all over?
I would ask a second oppinion, sense the insurrance problem ,could you get a different doc in the same place? It could be growing pains as well, my daughter had that a lot at that age , it could be in the write always cause maybe thats the leg most used , is he write handed? Im not sure but i would keep an eye on him and next time it happens have him walk ,yes he will not like it do to the pain but if its growing pains its the only thing that helps, but i would work on getting him into a childrens hospital or a thearapist. Hope this helps! God bless you!

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