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can there be something wrong with the baby

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Went to the doc today and he says the Baby is measuring small for the due date and wants to do an ultra sound and amio what are some of the reasons baby would be measuring small?

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that's a great question for you to ask your doctor. something you should have asked him when you were in the office.
Your baby's growth is measured at every appointment. Your fundal height (the measurement from your pubic bone to the to pof your uterus) should correspond (in centimeters) to your baby's gestational age (in weeks). A variation of +/- 2 weeks is considered normal.If you measure outside of that normal window there may be cause for concern. The two most common factors for abnormal measurements are growth and amniotic fluid levels. There are a number of causes for slow growth or too little amniotic fluid. Only your doctor will be able to figure out the cause(s).

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