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can u fell when u r fertillity and can u tell if its time to have sex?

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The best way to guess, because no you can't tell within yourself that it's time, is to use a fertility calculator.  It will tell you based on your last periods when your optimal time to procreate is.  It will go as far as to give you specific dates to try.  You can find one online on this website under fertility.  Good luck!
Check out either Sympto-thermal method or Creighton's Model method.  They're VERY accurate in determining your "peak" day, which is the most fertile day.  You can ovulate anywhere from three days before or three days afterwards, and ovulation is usually only a 12 hour window, but can be up to 24 hours.  If you notice a change in your mucus pattern mid cycle, going from either dry or very little to a lot of stretchy--that's your body telling you you're nearing ovulation.  Sperm can last 3-5 days in a good mucus environment.  Start taking your prenatals now if you plan on getting pregnant!

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