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can u get pregnant a 1-2 wks before ur period????

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my husband did his 'duty' so to say during the heat of the moment and i need to know if i can get pregnant 1-2 wks before i get my next period...or when im fertile?

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Absolutely. A common cycle for a woman is 28 days. Day 1 is the first day of your period, days 13-15-ish are the days you could be ovulating and able to conceive, which is apprx. 2 wks before your period. If you are late when you are usually on time, get tested. No need to put your mind through all kinds of mental anguish. Get the truth and move from there.
Have you tried using a fertility calendar? I found one on which helped me get pregnant with both of my two children.  I would really recommend it: luck!
ali214 hit it right on the nose.  YES!  So, if you want to have a baby it's a good thing and having intercourse every day or other day in your fertile range is best, the more the better!!!If you don't want to then you need birth control because without if even if you "avoid" your fertile days or do the pullout method  you still risk pregnancy in a big way! 

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