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Can you do anything about neighbors who are too loud & wake toddler?

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I live next to a couple who has 2 grand pianos in their living room. They play them so loudly it can be heard throughout our home. They have woken up my son who is 22 months old on numerous occassions. We have asked them to keep it down but they refuse telling us they can do whatever they want in their own home. My husband and I are beginning to wonder if the disruption of our son's sleep is negatively affecting him. He was woken up from his nap yesterday and then woken up again after he went to bed.

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Most towns have a noise pollution violation code.  Usually, after 9 or 10p things have to settle down.  Check out your towns noise codes.  It'd be nice if your neighbors were considerate enought to appreciate the need for toddler's to rest. Do you have the luxury of relocating his nap area to another part (other side of) the house?  If I were a vengeful person I'd get a lot of Elmo, Wiggles, Barney CD's and put them in the window facing the neighbor side of the house and let them run morning til evening, but I'm not so vengeful - just fantasize the revenge sometimes!  Consider a nature's sound CD in your son's room (gentle rainfall or sea sounds) or soft lullabye music or soft classical that might help reduce the backround noise.  Best of luck to you.  Sorry for such lousy neighbors!  Don't forget the power of prayer.  Ask your friends and church family to pray for a peaceful resolution to your problem.

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