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Can you ever get rid of mrsa after you have had and infection?

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Last year my husband got a bad boil on the back of his leg. Even while on bactrim he developed two more close to the first one, but they all eventually healed. For five months he had no more and nobody else in the family got any. Then after five months my 11 month old daughter started getting a few little blister looking pimples in her diaper area and one day one of them developed into a painful boil. One week later my 5 year old daughter developed a boil on the back of her leg. They all healed OK, but off and on ever since then my baby still gets those pimples in her diaper area. I do everything I can to treat and prevent them, and I am super paranoid that she will get another boil. I talked to the pediatrician about it, and asked to have her tested for MRSA(hoping that she would test negative, or that the doctor would at least say it probably wasn't MRSA), but the doctor just said it probaby is MRSA causing her pimples and acted like it wasn't a big deal! She told me to give everyone baths in bleach water once a week and wash our hands a lot. She said if you have it all you can really do is try to keep your bacteria count knocked down and try to prevent infections. I have researched as much as I can on MRSA and so much that I read is so scary it just makes me sick to my stomach. I have read that there are ways to try to get rid of it, like putting meds in your nose and using special soap, but our pediatrician acted like that wasn't even possible to clear it for good. She said it almost always comes right back. I am so worried for my kids. Also I would like to have a third baby, but I don't know if it's even safe to if we have MRSA in our family. Especially since I have had two c-sections and would have to have one this time too. I have heard horror stories about women getting MRSA after c-sections, but I hate to not have another baby if we want one. What should I do? Is there any way to rid your family of MRSA? It has been six months since anyone had a boil in our family, but we had five months of no infections between my husbands infection and my daughters', so I am worried that we are carriers now. Would it be too risky of me to get pregnant since I will definitely have to have a c-section? Thanks for any help you can give on my problem.

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You'll need to talk to a doctor about this. If your current pediatrician won't take your concerns seriously you should find a new one.
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