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Can you get pregnant the day before your period

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I just ended my period, literally yesterday (August 4th). I started my period on July 29th, 7 days ago. At first I was scared because I was about 10 days late. I had all negative tests so my doctors told me to wait another week and see what happens. I had sex the 27th & 28th, both protected and unprotected. I do not take birth control & my boyfriend would go a couple minutes without a condom, and then put one on. I know you can get pregnant by precum, and I have before but had a miscarriage. I was wondering if there is a chance I would still be pregnant even though I went through my whole period after having sex. I got morning sickness this morning, which I did not have with my last pregnancy so it was a little weird to me. I've also been very tired lately sleeping for 10-12 hours a night. On top of that, I have not had an appetite. Everything I eat makes me sick.

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If your period was a real period, you are not pregnant. There is an extremely small chance that what you experienced wasn't a period, but it's rare for women to bleed that much during pregnancy. If you are not ready to have a baby, get on birth control and be more responsible. But, also know that no for, of birth control is 100% effective.
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