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can you get pregnant by tuching your self?

10 answers
I want to know if you can get pregnant by touching your self because I touch my self a lot an sence I haven't have my period sence 2 months so I want to know if its possible.

answers (10)

No way! But not having your period for 2 months is not healthy. Go to a gynachologist (doctor).
No, it's impossible. But I do recommend going to a gynochologist to see why you're not having periods.
No. And like the others, I recommend you see your doctor to find out why you aren't having periods.
You need sperm from a man to get pregnant. 
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No. You can`t get pregnant like this. Have you heared of free pregnancy test? You can do it if you don`t believe us, but I think you should go to the doctor because it is not normal what is happening with you.
No, but for you to know better about pregnancy you may visist to the obstetrics/gynecology.

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