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Can you take benadrly and dayquil in the same day???

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i've been so sick today and now it is 2AM and i have to get up at 8 for class and i'm completely miserable i cannot breathe out of my nose at all not one passage is clear, i can't sleep i took dayquil but that seemed to make my congestion worse, is it safe to take benedryl too, i don't want to hurt my baby i'm 19.6 weeks someone please help :( :(

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I would not take cold medicine of any kind, at all while being PG. I was given Benadryl in my last trimester when I had an allergic reaction and broke out in hives, they say it is safe in the suggested dosage.  When I had a cold, my midwife said not even Vicks vapor rub was safe because your skin absorbs the camphor and they don't know if it crosses into the bloodstream.  I did use the baby vapor rub on a washcloth I wet with hot water and put it near my nose for a little relief.  But, ask your doctor, maybe they can suggest something.  It is better to be on the safe side when using any meds while PG.  Good luck, hope you feel better!
You can also talk to a pharmaisit. Yes, you can't use vapor rub but you can put some eucalyptus oil into a humidifier. Another thing you can use is a SinusRinse 2 to 3 times a day and that will help to clear your passages and help you breathe and sleep. Use more pillows to prop up your head so the mucus running down your throat's not pooling in the back it can drain down. (I know sounds lovely but it's true). Benedryl won't help if it's congestion due to a cold. It's commonly used for allergy related symptoms. You do need to be careful what you are taking and combining as some meds have the same active ingredients in it and they compound together to increaser higher doseages. As there are max limits that you can consume in a day. Careful and talk to a pharmaist if you can't talk to your doc.One other to keep in mind is that you can take acetaminophen (tylenol) during pregnancy until the 3rd trimester but you should not take ibuprofen (advil). Unless directed by doctor.
You are not suppose to take dayquil.You can take tylenol cold, robitussin dm,sudafed and benadryl.
My OB just told me dayquil/nyquil is fine for me at 33 weeks if I don't take it more than 1-2 days.  She said the only real concern with dayquil is that the decongestant could raise my blood pressure, but I need some relief from this cold that will allow me to sleep so I can actually get better.

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