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Cannot locate implanon. Has anyone gotten pregnant on expired implanon

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Hi everyone This is my first post and I really hope someone can help me or reassure me I suppose. My implanon is now 5 months expired and both a doctor and plastic surgeon cannot locate my implanon. I have had an MRI, ultra sound and X-ray to no avail. I am in my 30's now and desperate to get pregnant. I have been told by the surgeon that he is not going to operate again as it may damage the nerves in my arm plus I have a large scar on my arm so he wants to wait and see if I can get pregnant with an expired implanon in my arm. My questions are: Has anyone gotten pregnant with an expired implanon in their arm? How long did it take to get pregnant after it expired? Was everything okay with the pregnancy? Thanks to anyone who responds.

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Did they do imaging on both arms, just to make sure? If not, they should. Just in case.As with any hormonal birth control, once it has stopped being used, or once the hormones have run out (which is why Implanon and Mirena have to be replaced) it should be possible for you to get pregnant. How long will depend on your body and the level of hormones remaining in your Implanon. A long term hormonal birth control method usually results in a longer period of time before your hormonal cycle is back to normal. I would talk with your doctor about your chances of getting pregnant. You may want to have some testing done to see where your hormone levels are.

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