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Can't get my friends son to eat meat

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Basic details are He's never tried it. Out right refuses with his only reason being he doesn't like it. He's 4 years old. He was witness to domestic abuse from when his mother (the parent which IS my friend) was still with his father. I've had him sat at the table for an hour telling him he doesn't move until he tries it and his mum won't be coming to pick him up until he tries it, but if he does try it he gets his noodles (which he loves to eat) and some sweets and his mum will pick him up right away. He'd rather sit there and cry and wait for me to give in. It's been an hour as I write this. That's a long time for a child but I can't back down. Even if you don't agree with my method, other ideas to get him to try would be welcome. And I tried tricking him into thinking it was something the people who made the noodles have added to them. He seems to be able to detect that it's meat.

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