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can't get to sleep

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I'm just over 22 weeks and all of the sudden I can't get comfortable to fall asleep nor can I stay asleep. I try propping the blanket under my belly and between my legs. That sorta works until I shift in my sleep. Any ideas that can help me sleep the night?

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I take unisom every night.  Its an over the counter, non additive sleep aid.  Pregnancy gives me really bad insomnia so I can't sleep with out it.  Hope it helps!
I couldn't sleep, either. My OB said it was ok to take a half dose of Tylenol PM. Ask your doc if that is ok for you. It really helped me out. I would drift off to sleep and stay asleep for about 4-5 hours straight...which is amazing for me because pregnant or not I am a very light sleeper. I wish i could take some now but I have to be able to wake up and hear my baby crying!
I got a body pillow, my husband hated it but it made sleeping much more comfortable! they also have belly pillows for when you need extra support later on. GOOD LUCKI am not sure I would want to take any "sleep aids" while pregnant. Remember whatever you take… takes
I had the hardest time sleeping too. I felt so bad cause I would keep my husband up with my tosing and turning. He ended up going out and buy my the boppy body pillow which is designed for all stages of pregnancy and work as a nursing pillow too! It's $40 at Target. My mom, who's all natural, sent me valerian root pills (found at any store just look in the vitamin's) if those don't work try Melatonin it's natural as well.I started keeping tums next to the bed for the indigestion, use the peppermint flavor it's more calming than the smoothies or original ones. Plus a fan helps as well. Since then I've been sleeping really good and only have to get up for those lovely bathroom trips.
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